Oil paintings

For many years Buss made sure he had pictures in the Spring Exhibition at the Royal Academy--which was an artist's showcase for prospective clients. Like many other leading artists he also exhibited at the British Institution and the famous Suffolk Street Gallery. A number of his oils were so popular that they were engraved and printed for a wider audience. At present we only have a meagre selection of images of Buss' oils.

Dr Henry Buss

The Drumhead Court Martial

The Stingy Traveller

The Mock Mayor of Newcastle

The Auction

The Crowd

Delaying Papa

Charles I

A Fireside Scene

Unwelcome Attention

The Marriage Contract

Soliciting a Vote

Soliciting a Vote


DESCRIPTION: Oil on canvas. 24.5 x 29 in. / 62.2 x 73.6 cm. Sold at Christie's, Thursday, March 13th, 1997 [Lot 181] Historically, there is much that lies behind this picture - a deep satire on the state of politics in the mid 19th century. The picture is signed but undated.

Personally I am not too keen on this picture. I find the colours too garish, the face of the carriageman a splodge of indistinctness. It is more of a cartoon than anything - perhaps a draft work intended for engraving. The name of the parliamentary candidate is Gullem (Gull 'em!). Other wording is hard to make out.

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