Oil paintings

For many years Buss made sure he had pictures in the Spring Exhibition at the Royal Academy--which was an artist's showcase for prospective clients. Like many other leading artists he also exhibited at the British Institution and the famous Suffolk Street Gallery. A number of his oils were so popular that they were engraved and printed for a wider audience. At present we only have a meagre selection of images of Buss' oils.

Dr Henry Buss

The Drumhead Court Martial

The Stingy Traveller

The Mock Mayor of Newcastle

The Auction

The Crowd

Delaying Papa

Charles I

A Fireside Scene

Unwelcome Attention

The Marriage Contract

Soliciting a Vote

The Drumhead Court Martial


DESCRIPTION: The cat killed the canary and is now on trial for its life.
It is generally believed that the little girl is the artist's daughter, Frances Mary, and that the idea of the court martial may have stemmed from Buss's visit to the battle fields of Waterloo in 1815.

PROVENANCE: North London Collegiate School