List of Works

I possess various lists of Buss's work which I will endeavor to publish here. The following are all OILS. It is also becoming apparent that the list here is very incomplete. It would seem that Buss painted many pictures of which his family, in trying to reconstruct his work, were quite ignorant. At some stage I will try to update this list.

Pictures exhibited by R. W. Buss

Chronological list.
Legend: A=Royal Academy; S=Suffolk Street, I=British Institution, U=Unknown.
An E in column four indicates the work was also engraved, to our knowledge.
The last column contains the catalogue number followed by notes as printed in The St. Pancras and Holborn Guardian after Buss’ death in 1875.

The addresses give an indication of the family’s ever changing situation.

1826 A Portrait of a Young Man.   958. Sent from 60 Jewin Street
1827 A Portrait of a Lady   391. From 3 Compton Street
  S Portrait of a Lady   383.
1828 A The Serenade   392. From 15 Grenville Street
  A Portrait of J. Trender   589.
  S Charles II and Alice Lee   420. From 72 St. John Street
1829 A Going Alone   461. Group of family portraits. From 15 Grenville Street
  S The Hearty Squeeze   364.
1830 A The Spasmodic Attack   49.
  S The Frosty Reception [ Eng ] E 354.
  I Feel how Soft   451. 1ft 11in by 2ft 7in.
1831 A The Biter Bit E 390. From 68 Warren Street
  S The Stingy Traveller [ Oil | Eng ] E 282.
  I The Bitter Morning [ Eng ] E 302. 2ft 6in by 2ft 1in.
1832 A The Musical Bore [ Eng ] E 69.
  S Mr. Cooper as Captain Mouth   378. Mr. Cooper, of Drury Lane, played in “The Bride of Ludgate”.
  S The Betrayed   391.
  I The Comfort of Listening   220. 2ft 9in by 2ft 4in.
1833 A The Romance E 200.
  S Feeding Time   336.
  S Mr. Osbaldistone as Höfer   377. Mr. Osbabaldistone of Surrey Theatre. The work was for Cumberland’s Minor Theatre.
  I Soliciting a Vote [ Oil | Eng ] E 443. 3ft 6in by 3ft 3in.
  U The Musical Bore [ Eng ] E 460. 3ft 6in by 3ft 3in.
1834 A Time and Tide wait for no man [ Eng ] E 36.
  S Shirking the Plate   505.
  S Buckstone as Spado   521. For Cumberland.
  I The First of September [ Eng ] E 332. 3ft by 3ft 6in.
  I Master’s Out   390. 3ft 6in by 4ft.
  I Caught at last   428. 3ft 9in by 3ft 3in.
1835 S Independent of a Vote   354.
  S Scene from “The Wreck Ashore”   420. Portraits of Marmaduke Magog (John Reeve) and Jeremy Starling  (Buckstone).
  S Naval Recollections   438.
  S Portrait of John Cumberland, Esq   480.
  S Portrait of J. Haydon, Esq   496.
  S Mrs. Fitzwilliam as Fanny   497. In “Maid or Wife”, for Cumberland.
  I The Blue Stocking Mother E  
1836 A An English Propensity   398.
  S Rogers as Swelvino   218. In “The Roof Scrambler”, for Cumberland.
  S Portrait of Robert Graves, Esq   239.
  S Portrait of Captain Davies’ daughter   301.
  S The --- !   337.
  S The Drumhead Court Martial [ Oil ]   348.
  S Portrait of an Artist   399.
  S Mrs. Nisbet as Zarah   436. For Cumberland.
  I Rehearsing and new tragedy    
1837 S Sketch of Vandenhoff and Captain Mouth    
  S Mrs. Taylor as Donna Victoria    
  S Charles Matthews as Humpbacked Lover    
1838 A Satisfaction! [ Oil | Eng ] E  
  S Christmas temp. Queen Elizabeth    
  I The Drumhead Court Martial [ Oil ]    
1839 A Scene from the “Beaulah Spa”    
  S The Housebreakers Alarmed    
  S Frolicking in the Study    
  S Scene from “Henry IV”    
  I Fire! Fire!    
  I Christmas temp. Queen Elizabeth    
1840 A A Misery    
  S The Monopolist E  
  S Master Jockey Falstaff    
  I Rehearsing the Maiden Speech    
1841 A A Hint to Novel Readers    
  A Portraits. Miss Bevan & R.C.S. Bevan    
  S Benefit of Clergy    
1842 A Study of a Head    
1843 A ?? & Ann Page. Merry Wives of Windsor    
  S Nature and Art    
1844 A Joe Willett & Dolly Varden    
1845 A Watts’ First Experiment in Steam E  
1846 A The Letter Intercepted    
  S The Cricket’s Chirp    
1853 A Luther’s Call to God E  
  S Home of the Fille de Chambre    
1854 A Scene from Personation    
  A Scene from The Day After the Wedding    
  S Knighting the Sir Loin of Beef    
1855 S The first English Newspaper    
1857 S Scene from “Taming the Shrew”    
1858 S Mrs. Ford & Page & Falstaff    
  S A Dutch Pastoral Courtship    
1859 S The Rivals “Down among the Dutchman”