For many years Buss made sure he had pictures in the Spring Exhibition at the Royal Academy--which was an artist's showcase for prospective clients. Like many other leading artists he also exhibited at the British Institution and the famous Suffolk Street Gallery. A number of his oils were so popular that they were engraved and printed for a wider audience.

A Bitter Morning

The Frosty Reception

Soliciting a Vote


The Introduction of Tobacco

Watt's First Experiment

The Monopolist

The Stingy Traveller

The Stingy Traveller


DESCRIPTION: The Stingy Traveler. Sometimes to be found as The Mean Traveller. This is the oil from which the engraving was made. Nobody likes the guy who pays for his keep but gives no tips! This elaborate picture was first displayed at Suffolk Street in 1831. This work received such acclaim that it was engraved by Brown and published by J. Hogarth in 1845.

SIZE: Not available.

PROVENANCE: Private collection.